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5 Must-Have Power Tools For A Woodworking Business

If you want to set up your own woodworking business, there is no need to spend a lot at the beginning. You will need some basic power tools that will serve all the purpose of woodworking.

The woodworking business owners can make a choice between consumer grade and industrial grade power tools according to their workload. The consumer grade tools are cheaper in comparison to industrial grade but they fail with rigorous use. It is recommended to use consumer grade tools till your business gain a pace and after that to buy more powerful equipment.

The 5 great power tools for a woodworking business are listed below.


A Wood planer is a woodworking power tool used for producing boards of even thickness. They have an added advantage over the traditional planer. They feature a planning platform to adjust thickness very quickly. These ones can be used to level the thickness of irregular pieces of wood according to the project requirement. Thus, no need to worry about the thickness of wood while buying. See a list of the best wood planers.



The router really set up the standard for a woodworking business. It is used to make complex cuts and trimmings like dovetail joints and bevelling edges that otherwise takes a number of working hours. It can do more than fancy cuts. A master carpenter can utilize its ability to cut flawless patterns on the wood pieces. A powerful router will pay itself off very soon.

Table Saw


The table saw tops the list for any woodworking business. It is the instrument which is needed from the start of the project until the end and it is really versatile. The table saw which will complete all the major cuttings. The business owners are recommended to set a good budget for this primary tool. It is an important equipment to make complex cuts at the same angle, making slots and to speed up your project.

Belt and Orbital Sander

A wood project cannot be considered complete without sanding. This is not the limitation of use of a belt and orbital sander. A power tool like this can be used to take out a lot of wood. They are used to give smooth circular shapes, rounding the corners and shaping the edges. They can also be used to smoothen out the wood before or after the project.

Electric drill

Drilling is required at many stages while working with wood. An electric drill is available in different variants.